“It’s surreal and it’s striking and it leaves me feeling…a bit enchanted, in the classic sense of the word. Dazed and with a touch of magic lingering on the tongue.”—Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Review, on my piece “Pastel Witch” in Glittership

“[It] was done quite well. The author is able to establish a lot of world building alongside well-developed characters… It’s a great adaptation of an old magic myth into a modern city.”—Jacob Olson at Reviews and Robots, on my piece “Under Her White Stars” in MJP’s Broken Metropolis anthology


  • (Forthcoming) “Wombless Empress, Galapagos Phoenix” and “Mayfair” published by The Avenue
  • (Forthcoming) “And Then Again to the Next” published by Aurelia Leo
  • JHU student profiles for Knight-Hennessey Scholarship and Hertz Graduate Fellowship published by the Johns Hopkins HUB


  • “Ah, Well” published by Mirror Dance
  • (Forthcoming) “Trial” published by Lycan Valley Press
  • “Seen” published in Mad Scientist Journal’s I Didn’t Break the Lamp anthology
  • “The Girl the Crows Followed” published by Corvid Queen
  • Simaetha awarded a Baker Innovative Projects Grant for staging in January 2020


  • “Tea Leaves” published by Ginger Bread House
  • “Eventually, the Rain Stops” published by ViaNolaVie
  •  “In Season,” “Bed Death as Chrysalis,” “Blood Moon,” “A Spell to Draw You Near (Again),” and “Water Sign, July 10th, 1993, 6:53 AM, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania,” published by Pussy Magic Press in their Hallow’s Eve issue as well as their blog
  • “Fire in the Chart” published by Liminality
  • “Slade of the Maiden’s Womb” published by Slipstream Press
  • PASTEL WITCHERIES, a poetry chapbook, published by Seven Kitchens Press
  • “Pastel Witch” published by Glittership
  • “Under Her White Stars” published in the Broken Metropolis anthology by Mason Jar Press
  • (Forthcoming) Spellwork for the Modern Pastel Witch published by Birds Piled Loosely as one of the winners of their 2018 Hard to Swallow Chapbook Contest


  • Simaetha: A Dreambaby Cabaret produced by The Annex Theater
  • “In Protest of the First Amendment Defense Act” published by Assaracus
  •  “Spell to Grant Access to the New Orleans Black Hat Society” published by The Avenue
  • (Forthcoming) “The Poet Prays for a Line Piece” published by Bonk! Magazine
  • “Eventually, the Rain Stops” published on Medium
  • Pastel Witcheries, my hybrid poetry chapbook, made it as a Finalist in the Keystone Chapbook Contest by Seven Kitchens Press
  • Review of Not Without Our Laughter by the Black Ladies Brunch Collective published by The Lit Pub


  • The Lord of Flies, co-written with Sarah Jacklin, Rjyan Kidwell, Sarah Lamar, and Madison Coan; produced by The Annex Theater
  • New and Original Adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita; produced by The Annex Theater, which appeared among the top five plays in Baltimore City Paper’s Top Ten Stage Productions of 2016
  • “Blood Moon,” “Scrybaby,” “Simaetha,” and “Ano/Rite?” published by Assaracus
  • Interview with author Jessica Anya Blau published by JMWW
  • “My Lover Is the Winter Yet to Come” published by The Avenue




“Houseguest” awarded by The Writer’s Digest