Original Adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, May-June 2016

In 2016, The Baltimore Annex Theater produced my original adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous novel, The Master and Margarita. In the play, the lives of staunchly atheist Moscow’s citizens are shaken up when the devil comes to town with his retinue of demons, witches, and talking animals—especially the lives of a fallen-from-grace writer and his secret lover, Margarita. The play, listed among Baltimore City Paper’s Top Ten Staged Plays of 2016, was described by one critic in The Bad Oracle as “a gorgeous, glamorous piece of small theater art, designed at its absolute best.”

Starring Autumn Breaud, Martin Casey, Emily Classen, Theresa Columbus, Samy El-Noury, Terrance Fleming, Jonathan Jacobs, Sarah Jacqueline, Lucia Treasure, and Caitlin Weaver. Costuming by Nicolette Le Faye, original music by David Crandall and Dan Hanrahan, set design by Doug Johnson and Zac Lawhon, and projections by David Crandall.

Cherry Tarts on Mars by Molly Margulies, August 2015

Cherry Tarts on Mars was a play by Molly Margulies that mocks fragile masculinity and the archetype of the early 20th century “romantic.” I directed this play in 2015 for the MONDO FESTO Ten Minute Play festival, creating the set, costumes, and projections with an eye toward pastel/bubblegum aesthetics in order to heighten the absurdity of Margulies’ characterization.

Starring Maura Dwyer, Kate Hardwicke, Jonathan Jacobs, and Brandon Carlo Arinaldo with lighting design by Evan Moritz.



Stellar Cellar by Christine Ferrera, July 2013

 Stellar Cellar by Christine Ferrera is a surreal, absurd comedy that brings radio wine tastings to life visually. The play consists of a host with a tendency to riff on the bizarre and highly personal when describing the taste of wine, as well as two performers who fill in as callers, weather and traffic reporters, sponsors, and more—rendered in my production as two mischievous spirits who may or may not be exerting control over the host. Beyond the absurd and silly, the play explores themes of personal loss, femininity, and the role of senses in memory.

Starring Ann Russel, Lucia Treasure, and Tucker Foltz, with set design by Douglas Johnson and costumes/props by me (with help from Ann Russel). This play was featured as part of a play festival at Artscape and went on to perform, upon invitation, at the Pittsburgh Ten Minute Play Festival as well (despite being longer than ten minutes).